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Lucite Seder Card (8 Pack + Holder)

Lucite Seder Card (8 Pack + Holder)

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Beautify your Seder table!
Say goodbye to cluttered Haggadahs and hello to neat and convenient. 

This is a brand new Creative and Practical product!

A lucite set with Brachos from Motze Matzoh until Tzafon.
The time when everyone wants to take the Haggadahs off the table because it's so cluttered but cannot because they need them there to say the Brachos and instructions.
So discover the convenience of having all the Brachos and instructions neatly condensed into one sleek lucite card.
So now there will be room on the table and everything stays clean. 

This package includes eight of these cards along with a stunning holder, ensuring a beautifully organized and hassle-free Seder experience.

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